Phone Booth

Design Philosophy

Telephone pod that will give you privacy and comfort while talking on your mobile phone or Having a small meeting with a coleague inside the office

Product Features

• Excellence soundproofing properties
• Flexible sizes and ease of mobility
• Aviation aluminium frame
• Carbon Composite Panels
• Tempered glass as used in high speed train
• Easy assemble with only one type of fastener
• Air inside can be 100% refreshed every 3 minutes
• 4000K natural colour LED lighting
• Power socket inside with 12V USB charger
• Optional choose of furniture inside
• Suitable for 100-220V/50Hz power supply


Small: D936 x W1000 x H2300 mm
Medium: D1236 x W1340 x 2140 mm
Large: D1536 x W2040 x H2140 mm
Extra Large: D2136 x W2200 x H2140 mm